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Chaotic Change Summit

Virtual Event, October 29, 2024

9 AM – 11:30 PM PST

Leadership Summit

Live Event October 7–8, 2025

Scottsdale, Arizona

What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Much Better!

Innovation itself is being reinvented. We have transitioned from a period of incremental innovation, through a state of disruptive innovation, to our current state of chaotic innovation.

Our goal is simple: we want our executives to leave our event with a game plan for successfully managing chaotic change to drive success, and future readiness within their enterprise. We have evaluated over 500+ healthcare industry trends to build a program that addresses the most pressing trends with state-of-the-art strategies. These strategies can be applied immediately within your leadership role and enterprise. The Disruption Expo® is more than an event, it is a community of healthcare executives that strive to build superstar organizations, in the service of delivering exquisite value, and patient care.

The Disruption Expo® is the brainchild of Bestselling Author and Healthcare Strategist, Nicholas Webb, and Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Award-winning Innovator, Matti Palo, M.D. Simply, stated this event is for leaders that are seeking to significantly improve their core competencies across the four key pillars of disruptive change, including:

Keynote presentations.

Nick Webb

Nick Webb will share groundbreaking insights from his latest book, “Chaotic Change,” revealing how the world’s leading healthcare organizations leverage three major trends to achieve predictable growth, foster innovation, and prepare for the future. His dynamic talk offers actionable takeaways that attendees can implement immediately within their enterprises. This powerful presentation addresses the profound impacts of hyper-consumerism, emerging technologies, and healthcare staffing, providing a roadmap for future readiness

Tom Lawry

Join Tom Lawry as he demystifies artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, illuminating their profound impact on the future of healthcare. Tom will break down the hyper-complexity of AI, bringing it into clear focus and providing attendees with the knowledge to develop thoughtful technology integration strategies. This engaging session promises to equip healthcare leaders with the insights needed to navigate the digital transformation confidently.

Matti Palo, MD

Dr. Matti Palo will explore the transformative impact of new clinical models on healthcare delivery, addressing critical issues such as patient consumerism, patient flow, and quality improvement. Dr. Palo will also delve into the challenges of physician burnout and the human experience, emphasizing how innovation can enhance an organization’s ability to attract and retain mission-critical providers and staff. This insightful presentation will provide strategies for improving healthcare outcomes and organizational resilience.

The Four Key Pillars

of disruptive change.


Understanding the necessity of moving beyond outdated patient satisfaction surveys and traditional patient experience strategies is crucial. At a time of hyper-consumerism, significantly improving the patient experience demands innovative approaches that truly address the evolving needs and expectations of patients.

Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are reshaping healthcare. This pillar explores how these advancements provide significant new value across four critical value streams including: Experiential Value, Anticipatory Value, Clinical Value, and Enterprise Value. Attendees will learn how to harness these technologies to Drive Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care, and Support Organizational Growth.

Future-Ready Strategies

Legacy healthcare organizations risk being left behind due to incomplete and outdated strategies. In a time of rapid and chaotic change, the best organizations leverage enterprise innovation, human experience design, future casting, and many other new practices and technologies. This pillar will equip attendees with the knowledge to develop robust, future-ready strategies ensuring their organizations’ resilience and success.

Workforce and Staffing

The entire healthcare ecosystem faces challenges related to workforce changes and staffing shortages. Leading organizations address these challenges by leveraging Human Experience Innovation (HXI) and strategies that build a culture of happiness. This approach aims to retain and inspire mission-critical providers and staff, fostering a supportive and productive work environment.

Six Powerful Learning Tracks

We have carefully architected the Disruption Expo to address the most pressing issues that Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science executives face in 2024 and beyond.

These powerful tracks go far beyond inventing the obvious. Our program provides novel insights that exceed the healthcare industry echo chamber to give you specific strategies that will deliver meaningful and measurable results for your organization. Our learning tracks include:

Chaotic Innovation.

Innovation itself is being reinvented. We have transitioned from a period of incremental innovation, through a state of disruptive innovation, to our current state of chaotic innovation.

Chaotic innovation, like disruptive innovation, involves rapid, significant change in how we leverage emerging technologies and new best practices to reduce costs while providing up to a 60% better return on strategic priorities. This track shows you how to create an enterprise innovation initiative that can generate millions of dollars in enterprise value.


  • Understanding Chaotic Innovation and its impact
  • Implementing emerging technologies for cost reduction
  • Leveraging new best practices to improve strategic results
  • Creating an Enterprise Innovation (EI) Initiative
  • Generating significant enterprise value through innovation

Emerging Technologies.

This powerful track brings in the latest research on how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and business intelligence are being leveraged to reduce costs. 

Costs being reduced by 30% while improving strategic results by over 50%. This track will also discuss the four big chaotic disruptors that will impact the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science Industry: 1.) Experiential Value, 2.) Anticipatory Value, 3.) Clinical Value, and 4.) Enterprise Value.


  • Leveraging AI for cost reduction
  • Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Enhancing Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Understanding the four big chaotic disruptors
  • Improving strategic results through technology

The Experience Economy.

Our current economy can best be described as the “experience economy.”

Our B2B customers and patients demand far better experiences across the five touch points of their consumer journey. By architecting formal Customer Experience (CX) strategies, including thoughtful customer journey mapping, we significantly increase revenues, enterprise value, customer retention, and customer promotion. This track is based on multiple number one bestselling books and is delivered by one of the top 30 Global Gurus on Customer Experience.


  • • Understanding the “Experience Economy”
  • Categorizing customers by hate/love personas
  • Creating formal customer experience strategies
  • Implementing thoughtful customer journey mapping
  • Increasing revenues and customer retention

Workforce and Staffing.

The best organizations now leverage Human Experience Innovation (HXI) to concurrently improve the experiential value for both the customer and the employee.

Based on the bestselling book “Happy Work,” this module provides a powerful game plan on building a culture of happiness. This is a critical learning vertical, offering a practical playbook on how to build your own Human Experience Innovation (HXI) strategy, ultimately leading to a culture of happiness. Organizations that commit to this body of work attract, retain, and inspire their mission-critical employees.


  • Leveraging Human Experience Innovation (HXI)
  • Improving experiential value for customers and employees
  • Building a culture of happiness
  • Creating a Human Experience Innovation (HXI) strategy
  • Attracting and retaining mission-critical employees
lucid leadership

Lucid Leadership®

In this powerful program, you will develop the skills of the Lucid Leader.

This track is based on the research from the bestselling book and training program Lucid Leadership®. This track provides insights to manage complex organizations, in a complex marketplace. Clarity is the superpower of the best leaders in healthcare. This track also provides insights on how to gain clarity in the three dimensions of lucidity: 1.) The Marketplace, 2.) Your Culture, and your own sense of 3.) Self-awareness. If you’re managing an organization, this is the right track for you.


  • Developing Lucid Leadership® skills
  • Managing complex organizations
  • Gaining clarity in the marketplace
  • Understanding internal culture
  • Enhancing self-awareness for better leadership

Future Readiness.

The overwhelming majority of organizations leverage departmental and enterprise strategies that are more than three years old.

Moreover, these strategies do not include contemporary planning instruments, business intelligence feedback loops, or future casting teams. In this powerful track, you will learn how to build future-ready strategies to ensure organizational success while providing far better insights for your innovation pipeline.



  • Building future-ready strategies
  • Updating outdated organizational strategies
  • Implementing contemporary planning instruments
  • Creating business intelligence feedback loops
  • Developing future casting teams for innovation

What attendees can expect.

Get ready to break free from the healthcare industrial echo chamber! At the Disruption Expo, attendees will gain transformative insights directly tied to strategic approaches that leaders and executives can implement immediately. You’ll access cutting-edge knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the big trends shaping healthcare in 2025 and beyond.

Exclusive Insights

Go beyond conventional wisdom with strategic insights that redefine what’s possible in healthcare.

Online Master Classes

Enhance your learning with access to comprehensive master classes, tailored to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Digital Library

Receive digital copies of three of Nick Webb’s bestselling books, packed with actionable strategies and forward-thinking perspectives.

Who should attend

This program is meticulously designed to provide advanced learning for top leaders within the healthcare ecosystem, including C-suite Executives and Board Members. It is also suitable for departmental leaders with decision-making authority within their respective departments.

How to register

Our 2024 virtual event is now open for registration to healthcare leaders. There is no cost associated with registering or attending. Additionally, we will never use your registration information to promote or sell any product or service. Registration for our live Scottsdale event will open in November 2024.

What to expect

The event is structured to provide high-density, actionable content, ensuring attendees leave with learnings they can immediately apply. Each session will come with a program information document, so you don’t need to worry about taking notes during the event. You will also receive digital copies of bestselling books that support the expo content.

Register Now

Space is very limited, reserve your seat before September 1st and receive Free Registration. Note that registration after September 1st is $1600

What you get

  • Powerful Keynote Presentations from Multiple Bestselling Healthcare Authors
  • Free post event Leadership and Innovation Certification Training
  • Network with Colleagues
  • Get the latest insights across the Six Key Areas of Chaotic Change in Healthcare
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