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You may ask, “How can any leader keep ahead of the relentless pace of disruption? Aren’t there too many moving parts?”

Relax. It’s easy to assume that all of the changes happening across the changing customer, emerging technologies, and economic shifts are far too complicated to ever understand. The good news is that assumption is wrong. Today’s leaders develop a core competency around future trends. They don’t need to understand the endless minutia of every little emerging technology, consumer behavior, or economic shift. If we can focus on these building blocks at a high level, we can begin to understand how these changes impact the way in which we deliver human experiences, technologies, and services, and ultimately how we serve to achieve sustainable results on strategy.

The “Baby Step” Approach Doesn’t Work

Too many organizations attempt to leverage disruption by taking baby steps at disruptive initiatives that include future-casting activities, innovation customer experience (CX), workforce engagement initiatives—and the list goes on and on. The leaders, therefore, assume that by taking a cursory approach to leverage disruption they’ll stay ahead. The problem is that the rate and depth of change require a holistic and comprehensive approach towards gaining better customer and market insights while doing a far better job of maximizing the efficiencies and effectiveness of our teams and leaders. In other words, today’s disruption is changing everything, and how leaders lead is no exception. For information on innovation consulting and training visit  for information on innovation speaking visit